TSIT – Twin Stream Induction Technology

For alloying and holding processes, the Stinchcombe Company specially developed the TSIT - Twin Stream Induction Technology. It is a solution for the foundry owners who want to equip their existing furnaces with an electromagnetic induction stirring of molten metal thus from their old equipment make modern and very effective furnaces. The Stinchcombe Engineering TSIT is a module that can be installed to almost any type of a chamber furnace. Simply cutting a hole in a wall of the existing furnace where the TSIT module will be installed. The retrofitted furnace will get all the advantages of the electromagnetic induction stirring of molten metal like the possibility of charging alloying components, rapid alloying of silicon, temperature and chemical homogeneity of the entire bath, savings in gas consumption and lower losses of the charged material during the technological process.

As an advantage the TSIT can be also used for submerging of chips and light scrap.

Moreover the retrofitting of existing furnaces, Stinchcombe supplies completely new alloying/holding furnaces equipped with the TSIT.

Advantages of the TSIT:

Alloying/holding furnace

The Stinchcombe alloying/holding furnaces are designed to produce high quality metal. The key to the unique chemical homogeneity is an electromagnetic induction stirring. Stinchcombe alloying/holding furnaces are standardly equipped with the TSIT, which enables fast and efficient charging of alloying components into the furnace. Molten metal stirring in the furnace is a sign of temperature end chemical uniformity of the entire bath. Alloying cycles are significantly faster in the Stinchcombe alloying/holding furnaces comparing to alloying in standard reverbs.

Stinchcombe also offers standard furnaces without the electromagnetic induction stirring.

Advantages of the Stinchcombe alloying/holding furnace: