Three chamber melting/alloying furnace type side well for melting of aluminium scrap

Stinchcombe three chamber furnace enables efficient melting of various kind and size of aluminium scrap. Together with the electromagnetic induction stirring system is one of the most versatile furnaces on the market.

The furnace consists of 3 chambers.

The Chamber No. 1 is designed for charging with sows, ingots and big bundles of scrap. The main burners are located in this chamber as a source of heat for the melting process.

The chamber No. 2 so called side well is a chamber designed for melting of small bundles of scrap and loose scrap. The melting process takes place with a high stream of hot molten metal created by the inductor.

The chamber No. 3 is the chamber where the electromagnetic induction stirrer is installed, which enables molten metal circulation and light scrap submergence below the molten metal level. The inductor is installed on a side wall of the furnace. Its position and inside composition of the chambers enable fast molten metal circulation in the whole furnace and as an advantage charging of light scrap and alloying components into the inductor chamber. The inductor creates vortex in the molten metal inside the inductor chamber and submerges the charge below the molten metal level and it is remelted with high efficiency.

Stinchcombe supplies the furnace in two designs, lip axis tilting or static with a tap out or MTIT.


Aluminium scrap melting furnace with the TSIT chamber

Stinchcombe supplies single chamber furnaces with the TSIT embedded inside the furnace body. Capacity of the bath starts on 4 t, which classifies this furnace design for customers who process aluminium scrap in hundreds of tons per month.