High efficiency crucible and ladle heaters

Stinchcombe supplies two sizes of the crucible/ladle heaters. The Size 1 is designed for heating up of crucibles with the power 15 – 30 kW and the Size 2 is good for heating up of ladles with the power 35 – 100 kW.

Size 1 for crucible heating
Power: 15 – 30 kW
Natural gas pressure: 17-50 mbar
Compressed air: 4,4 m3/hour @ 4,25 bar maximum

Size 2 for ladle heating
Power: 35 – 100 kW
Natural gas pressure: 17 – 50 mbar
Compressed air: 14 m3/hour @ 4,25 bar maximum

Oil burner

Stinchcombe oil burner is a low pressure air atomizing burner, which burns any grade of fuel oil and lights instantly even in a cold furnace or kiln. It is simple to use and maintain and does not need any skilled labor for its operation. A very robust design of the burner body does not limit its use in arduous working conditions. It can be easily fitted with an automatic high/low temperature control for its automatic work.

The burner input varies from 4 liters/hour up to 30 liters/hour. The maximum output of the large model can be increased considerably if required by fitting a large air nozzle.